CLH Pipeline System

An oil product logistics company

CLH Pipeline System (CLH-PS) Ltd is an oil product logistics company wholly owned by CLH that carries out its activities in the United Kingdom. CLH-PS provides it’s services to several military facilities and some of the main airports in the UK. It is the main fuel pipeline and storage facility network in the country.

Its infrastructure consists of a pipeline network of over 2,000 kilometres, which represents 50% of the British pipeline network and 13 storage facilities. Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Manchester are among the main airports it supplies, in addition to another 10 regional airports that it supplies by road tankers.

CLH-PS is currently carrying out a major modernisation programme in its infrastructure with the aim of improving safety, efficiency and reducing costs.

Using fleetmastr has revolutionised the operations of our fleet department. We now have complete real-time visibility over the health and safety of our fleet which has allowed us to maximise on-the-road vehicle utilisation.
Paul Jones,
Fleet Manager at CLH-PS

imastr’s role

CLH-PS use fleetmastr as their fleet management tool to operate and maintain all vehicles throughout their operations.

All modules of the fleetmastr platform are utilised by CLH-PS to ensure they have complete transparency and visibility over the condition of their vehicles, that they are legally compliant with DVSA regulations and to minimise vehicle off-the-road times to maximise operational efficiencies.

The fleetmastr app is used by vehicle operatives to conduct and submit, in real-time, information about their daily vehicle checks, discovered defects and providing access to the vehicle’s history should this be required by the Police or Highways Agency Traffic Officers.

Other key project objectives included:

  • Providing the CLH-PS Fleet Department with access to real-time and historical information submitted through the app providing a comprehensive reporting tool.
  • Enabling the management and tracking of defects from creation, to allocation, to discharged resolution status whilst capturing an end-to-end audit trail.
  • Facilitating the planning and scheduling of vehicle maintenance and services.
  • Providing cost data information and financial analytics to improve budgeting and cost reduction.
  • Significantly reducing costs and lost revenue because of being able to maximise vehicle availability and on-the-road time

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