Vehicle checking and fleet management platform

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Earned Recognition Scheme compliant.

mobile app

Including daily walk around check.

Fleet management

Real-time data, analytics and reporting.


Minimising vehicle off-road time with suppliers.

Ensuring your fleet is compliant

Secure, scalable and flexible
fleetmastr overview

The industry-leading vehicle and fleet management software for all classes of vehicle. Created with a focus on vehicle risk management and health and safety. This secure and robust solution is scalable and flexible to meet the demands of any diverse and geographically challenged fleet.

fleetmastr consists of a vehicle mobile app, which communicates in real-time with a comprehensive fleet management platform, removing all the unnecessary paperwork and administration.

DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme

A fleet operator is ultimately responsible for the inspection and condition of their vehicles and trailers. The penalties imposed by the DVSA for a non-compliant fleet can be severe.

Additionally, the DVSA’s Earned Recognition Scheme means it’s never been more vital for a fleet operator to deploy the correct technology.

fleetmastr provides a comprehensive, DVSA-compliant fleet management solution. All data captured via fleetmastr is held on secure servers which can be accessed anytime and shared with the DVSA, police or even used in Public Inquires with a traffic commissioner.

Industry leading software

Some of the key features and benefits
Vehicle mobile app
  • Real-time vehicle check prior to vehicle use
  • Secure data capture including images of defects (user info, GPS, date and timestamps)
  • Immediate defect reporting back to the fleet department
  • Proactive vehicle defect guidance messages for drivers
  • Intuitive and user friendly functionality
  • DVSA-compliant data capture and vehicle history for roadside inspections
  • Digital data capture, elimination of paperwork and administration
  • Positive health and safety ethos by promoting driver responsibility
Fleet management platform
  • Comprehensive access to real-time and historical checks and defects
  • Cradle-to-grave defect management, with full documentation and timeline
  • Online administration of defect resolution, supporting significant reduction of VOR time
  • Vehicle and defect analytics to improve vehicles, components and behaviours
  • Individual vehicle profiles and document library
  • Management and planning of vehicle inspections and maintenance services
  • Reporting on status of fleet and comprehensive management data
  • Configurable with existing platforms and fully customisable

Instant messaging

A fully integrated messaging platform
Messaging features
  • Manage your communications from a central messaging platform
  • Send messages, images, videos and create bespoke surveys
  • Automatic results collation and analysis
  • Set up groups to segment and target specific audiences
  • Communicate more effectively with your workforce

Compatible across multiple devices

mobile access from anywhere at anytime

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