Managing your workforce and job tasks

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Health and safety

Integrated industry best practices and regulatory compliance.

Job mobile

Dispatch and receive back field-based work on the go.

Work management

Real-time data, analytics and reporting.

Central messaging

Communicate with your workforce more effectively.

A much easier way to manage your workforce

Secure, scalable and flexible
jobmastr overview

Industry-leading works management platform, facilitating evidence based documentation of work completed in the field. A core focus on employee heath and safety and personal risk management.

jobmastr enables real-time tracking of all field-based work, from creation to conclusion. We offer a secure, robust and reliable application that is scalable and flexible to meet the operational demands of any diverse and geographically challenged company.

Proven technology

Comprehensive job app and accompanying management reporting platform for smartphone and PC-based hardware. Empowering all stakeholders (operations, compliance, heath and safety and employee workforce) to make informed decisions about work carried out in the field.

Proven and configurable technology chosen by numerous businesses including Yorkshire Water, Thames Water and Lanes Group Plc.

Industry leading software

Some of the key features and benefits
A mobile app for job management
  • Supports a core health and safety ethos and governance by promoting personal responsibility and ownership of work undertaken
  • Real-time visibility and work reporting back to the management reporting platform
  • Integration of risk assessments before work can be undertaken
  • Intuitive start-up and user friendly navigation functionality, developed by the user, for the user
  • Simple but comprehensive reporting options with drop down / radio buttons for ease of use
  • Secure information capture, supported with images of work activities with embedded key meta-data (user info, GPS location, date and timestamps)
  • Facilitates efficient elimination of paper and administration burden, enabling rapid assimilation of high volume activities
  • Resilient cloud-based application for highly configurable IT architecture
Workforce management platform
  • Comprehensive access to real-time/historical work with configurable reports and reporting screens
  • Effective ‘cradle to grave’ work management, with full documentation, completed risk assessments and timeline of job/activity lifecycle
  • Work dispatch functionality to field-based workforce for efficient and effective work distribution
  • Complete and rapid end-to-end e-administration of information management and resolutions supporting significant reduction of job completion time
  • Analytics for MI trends, driving continual improvement of activities, components and behaviours
  • ‘Slice and dice’ functionality to provide comprehensive or individual management performance profiles
  • Aids management and support of field-based staff with real-time images and information
  • Reporting on workforce activity, including work activities undertaken, timesheet reporting and travel time
  • Configurable with existing platforms

Instant messaging

A fully integrated messaging platform
Messaging features
  • Manage your communications from a central messaging platform
  • Send messages, images, videos and create bespoke surveys
  • Automatic results collation and analysis
  • Set up groups to segment and target specific audiences
  • Communicate more effectively with your workforce

Compatible across multiple devices

mobile access from anywhere at anytime

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